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Bathtub refinishing in the truest terms is definitely not the same as bathtub painting.

Bathtub painting is the process of painting epoxy paint on top of the old surface. This is what you see in the D.I.Y. Epoxy kits sold at home improvement stores. I have been in business since 1991. I will tell you in with all certainty the painted bathtub with epoxy is going to look dull and painted, it will not be white but instead have a slight yellow appearance. When you clean the bathtub with products that contain bleach it will yellow extremely bad. As if that isn’t all bad enough it is going to peel because the surface was painted. I have yet to see one last over 8 – 12 weeks if used daily.

Bathtub refinishing uses the Fusion Finish process to etch the new synthetic porcelain coating into the old surface not on top of the old surface. The new synthetic porcelain surface contains fiberglass resin and liquid glass becomes an integral part of the old surface. Synthetic porcelain is not epoxy and is not made for anything except bathtub, tile, shower and vanity refinishing. Bathtub Refinishing Dallas




Bathtub Refinishing |Dallas,Tx

The bathtub refinishing Industry has had it’s fair shares of ups and downs since it first was developed in the 1960’s. In all fairness, bathtub refinishing was not a proper term. Bathtub refinishing was more like bathtub painting. The Industry was new, there was a need for the Industry because to have a bathtub replaced was a huge, expensive,messy and time consuming project for most home owners.

What started as a quick fix using mostly Automotive paint and later Epoxy has now become a very legitimate, permanent solution for many homeowners. Today’s bathtub, tile, shower and vanity refinishing is accomplished through a series of steps and when correctly completed by a professional bathtub refinishing company you can easily expect 15 – 25 years of life from a refinished fixture. Like most things there are usually several ways to do anything…. yet only 1 correct way. With bathtub refinishing Dallas I start with a chemical wash to rid the bathtub, tile, shower or vanity of all of the oils and residue that are left even after the home owner has cleaned the bathtub, tile, shower or vanity that is being refinished. I use a mechanical etching system so no harmful acids are brought into your home. A molecular bonding agent is then hand rubbed into the microscopic pores exposed through the etching process. This is finished of with 7 layers of synthetic porcelain (which is a very high gloss, extremely durable finish coat). The life expectancy is 20 years, which is the same life as a new porcelain bathtub. Bathtub,Refinishing,Dallas

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